Size: 940mm x 610mm x 330mm

Weight: 26Kg

Material: Stainless steel and concrete

Price: On request

Year: 2007

Alteration is the essence of this table. It’s made of a stainless steel frame and the tabletop consist of concrete tiles. The tiles have each different dimensions and are placed in a geometric pattern that forms a rectangle. Stains are mostly banded from furniture, but in this design they are a part of it. A tabletop must live, change, get character,.. and not being hidden under a piece of textile. Concrete is very porous and stain sensitive, and these characteristics are important for the design. Coffee makes dark temporary marks, oil makes long-term stains and under influence of heat the concrete fades locally to a lighter color. Every spilled cup makes a mark on the tabletop and is a part of the design. Let it live, change and make it personal! | Photo © Couwenberg