Look At Lucy...

Size: 1990mm x 500mm x 700mm

Weight: 11 kg

Material: Stainless steel

Price: On demand

Year: 2006

This design consists of a very light shell, because I minimized the profiles and joints I used. That’s why the steel shell is light, strong and flexible. Gravity is central to my design. | Photo © Couwenberg
When you relax in the chaise longue, you can easily change from a sitting to a lying position. Just lift your arms and gently move them backwards. Gravity will do the rest and tilt the chaise backwards. With this design you don’t have to struggle for your right to be lazy. | Photo © Couwenberg
Comfortable? The shell of the design consists so light that it adapts to the movement of the person relaxing in it, thus creating a sensation of utter comfort and relaxation. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. It’s fabric is weather resistant and will not fade in the sunlight. So it’s ideal to use outdoors too. | Photo © Couwenberg
Photo © Couwenberg