Guerrilla action in milan
Check out the guerrilla action we did in Milan to promote Atelier Bonk at the Atelier Bonk Fan Page
Atelier BONK
Proud to present that the new collaboration with Strook has resulted to a brand new label!! Go check Atelier Bonk for more info
De Invasie van Gent
Where almost there! will take part on the next invasion of Ghent on 31th of March and the 1th of April. I guess they can use some Stealth for a creative battle. For more info please visit De Invasie
Stealth Collection launch!!
The 3th of March is the launch of the brand new Stealth collection for Rozier Future Design Editions. Come and visit the Designmarkt in ICC Ghent!
product launch
Stealth is a fact! The new collection of a wall light, desk light and a small shelf has come alive. Inspired on the shape of the untraceable bombers, I created something that enlightens your house and give a decent function to the Stealth aesthetics.