The mirror is a dialogue between materials and craftmenship. A collaboration with glass designer Veerle Verschooren
A powdercoated aluminum table that is inspired on the primal form of a structural steel beam
It's a poetic piece of furniture which plays with the perspective and with the function of a towel rack or cloth hanger.
Level, a new product of Tim Baute, is a standing mirror with a focus on shapes and materials.
A Stook drawing converted in a 'Interrorized' bench! A new bench from Atelier Bonk!
Stealth resembles furniture in the aesthetics based on Stealth planes. (one-off)
A stool inspired on the crystalized structure of the Atomium. The big symbol of Belgium.
The result of a colaboration of and illustrator
A Stook drawing converted in a 'Interrorized' bench! A collaboration with illustrator
Alteration is the essence of this table. It’s made of a stainless steel frame and concrete tabletop
When you relax in my chaise longue, you don't have to struggle to be lazy!